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Tips for Writing a Perfect 530-Word Essay

If you are into writing, you know the number of words one uses is vital. When it comes to writing an essay, the number of words matter too. If you read the guidelines and get expected to write 530 words, you must obey and follow the instructions. There is no way you can write 600 words when the instructor only needs 530 statements from you. Making such a slight mistake can make you get low marks. It is not difficult to write a 530 words essay. You have to plan and write the essential points. There will be no opportunity to explain things in detail.

When you can write such a paper, the instructor can tell that you have the knowledge and know the tips of writing. It looks easy because of the few words, but it can get complicated at the same time. The way your paper turns out will mostly depend on the title you are working on and the skills you have. Since it is a short paper, you have to go with the relevant points and leave out the ones that are not important. If you create enough time for the article, there is no way anything will challenge you. If you take your time seriously, you will end up writing the entire paper alone. Some tips can help you come up with a successful piece. You have to follow all of them, and everything will get sorted.


When it comes to length, do not make the mistake of writing more words than recommended. Ensure you stay on track by having the correct word count. Even if you have to cancel some sentences, go ahead.


For you to have a substantial essay, you will need to have three parts. The first part is the introduction, followed by the main body and lastly the conclusion. You have to keep in mind that the introduction is the foundation of your paper. You have to make sure that you impress the reader by using the right hooks. There is no way the reader will continue reading your work if you start your paper with boring points. Make sure that the sentence that begins your piece is an intriguing one. By doing that, you will make the reader concentrate on your work. You have to introduce the title in this part. Do not forget about the title and start talking about your things. You have to bring your thesis statement to light.

The body is the part that requires a lot of energy and work. You have to ensure that you have a total of three paragraphs in this section. Each paragraph should have a point followed by an explanation. You should have evidence on each statement to make it useful. You should also know the correct way of arranging your points. Start by writing the strongest one, then the rest can follow.

 The conclusion comes last. You write it in the last paragraph. It is also a vital part that the reader will check carefully. Do not spoil your work by writing the worst conclusion. Take your time and make sure the last part is a bomb, do not jot any new points in this part. Try and summarize each paragraph and put down the facts on this part. Write about each section in a single sentence. The conclusion should not have more than sentences. Try to make it short and sweet.


If you want to be a professional, make sure you avoid some English words like something and many more. It would help if you were close to your dictionary so that you use the correct words. Ensure you master your grammar correctly because that is the only thing that will help you get pleasant grades. Since it is a short essay, do not numerous ambiguous words. Try making your work simple. If you start using advanced words, you will confuse the reader, and he/she will not read your entire piece.


After you complete writing:

  1. Make sure you take some rest before you start editing your work. When your mind is fresh, you will think adequately and correct the crucial mistakes.
  2. Do not submit your work before proofreading because the reader will be the one fixing your mistakes.
  3. Try as hard as you can to collect your work with no error that will show that you are hardworking and responsible at the same time.

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