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What You Should Know About College Essay Writing

After several years of writing a five-paragraph essay in your high school, what do you expect at the college level? Things are quite different at the college level; you move beyond the usual five-paragraph essays that you learned in high school. College essays are more analytical and flexible. In this article, you will be able to understand more about such pieces.

A Five-Paragraph Essay

In high school, your teacher taught you how to write a five paragraph essay right! Such essays have an hourglass shape. They begin with a general concept that narrows down to a more specific thing in the middle and then ends with public comments. A typical five-paragraph essay will have a general statement that proceeds to a thesis statement with three-point. The three points each contains its paragraph. The final information finalizes the overall content of the student.

Reasons for Teaching Five-Paragraph Essays in High School

The five-paragraph essay provides an opportunity to write a college essay that requires you to state a point and back it up with evidence. Setting a standard of five paragraphs limits the student’s opinion and gives room to master the essay’s basic structure.

The type of essay is a training tool to help the student gain basic knowledge in writing. The skill they gain through this type of paper can help them advance to more complicated essays at the college level.

Reason for Not Using the Five-Paragraph Essay Writing In College

The mode of teaching in high school is slightly different from college. With a change in the mode of teaching, what do you expect in the writing field?

High school essays are fundamental, with most of them explaining what, why, and where things are. College essays are more advanced. They tend to focus on analyzing and giving reasons rather than memorizing facts.

Below are some of the reasons why colleges don’t use the five-paragraph essay model.

Lack of Argument

College essay focuses on analysis and interpretation of facts rather than memorizing. College tutors expect a student to state facts and draw arguments about them.  A typical five-paragraph piece may not have room for making arguments on the thesis statement.

They Have a Repetitive Nature

A five-paragraph essay tends to repeat itself from the introduction paragraph to the topical sentences instead of having each typical thesis sentence with its central point.

They Lack a Good Flow

Five paragraph essay may not have sentences for liking one program to the next. College essays need the writer to treat each paragraph separately rather than having interrelated sections.

Five paragraph essays have a weak concluding statement.

The five-paragraph essay may not have a firm conclusion that allows the reader to appreciate the paper. Unlike another piece, this type of writing does not make the reader recall information in the introduction and body.

Limits the Writers Content

The five-paragraph essay has a preplanned structure that allows the student to fit in. The best idea from students get lost and are mangled not to appear in the paper.

Does Not Address the Real-World Issues

Unlike the college essay, the five-paragraph paper does not provide the student’s room to explore and discuss real-world issues they encounter daily in life.


College essays are more detailed and analytical. They focus on training the learner to write more in-depth content on issues backed up with facts and evidence. As you join college, braise yourself for more complex essays.

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