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Classification essay about friends: Three major types of friends

 Friends form an essential part of everyone’s life. They sometimes act as our guardian angels too. There is no person on planet earth who hasn’t had a single friend in their lifetime. Even if the friendship didn’t last long, at least there was friendship. 

Writing a classification essay about friends can also take a different dimension. But for the sake of having a better understanding of this essay idea, this post will focus on the various classifications of friends. It is possible to seek writing help for such a paper from a professional essay writer. But if you prefer learning how to write and have the mind of doing it yourself, then you can get more ideas from this post. 

An essay about the classification of friends

Life sometimes leads us to people who end up contributing positively or negatively to our lives. Not everyone we interact with will end up as a friend. Some will, while others might become enemies.

Among the numerous persons, one interacts with daily; not all friendships will end at the same level. There are three different classifications of friends which one needs to know. These include acquaintance, former and best friend. 

The first class of friend which is acquaintance comprises of friends or people one interacts with, within the school most of the time. The major thing discussed with such friends includes hobbies and academic matters. Issues relating to one’s personal life are left out of the equation. 

It’s this type of friend one gets to meet years after graduation at a school reunion. And even after such a long time, the relationship one shares with such friends remains at the same level. There is also mutual respect between both parties. 

The second classification is the former friends who are also common. They comprise of friends that grew up in one’s neighborhood but eventually moved to another location due to specific reasons. This class of friends reminds one of past events. 

The former friend also knows one’s parents and vice versa. They spend most of their nights at one’s house in the past and may have eaten one’s foot several times. But then, after a while, they disappear for a long time again. That’s how former friends are. 

The final classification is the best friend. They can be people one grew up with or met a couple of years back. Best friends are friends that are always there and compatible. Their behavior, lifestyle, academic background, or financial status might be similar to one’s. 

The best friend is also a person one can confide in anytime. They can share anything about their personal lives with their friends, including hidden secrets that even their biological parents and relations don’t know.


Here is a sample classification essay about friends. So, if you are looking to draft this kind of essay, you can take a clue from this sample. But the idea is to get quality paper. With that, you are sure of getting your desired grade. And the interesting thing is that there are top cheap professional writers who can do justice on the said topic. All you need is to make a move. 

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