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Creating Impressive Essay About North Korea

Are you stuck with writing an essay about North Korea? There are so many topics to write on. You need to narrow down the topic because if it is too broad, you may end up confusing your readers and yourself as well. You will find some topic ideas here as well as tips to write the paper.

How To Write An Essay About North Korea

How can you choose a topic to write on? Take a look at the country’s culture, history, economics, and other political events that have taken place in recent times or the past. Your essay should be an argumentative essay because it is the best form when it comes to writing about a country. So start by finding a topic, refining it, researching, and then writing an essay that supports or disagrees with a fact.

Some topic ideas to consider include:

  • Censorship in North Korea: it is no secret that the country censors a lot of media, including social media, TV, and news. You can argue about how this affects the people living in the country. You can also write about how the country is literally cut off from the rest of the world.
  • Cultural landscape: the country is blessed with a beautiful landscape that is comprised of hills separated by valleys.
  • Political events: there are so many political events to write about. You can consider the recent meeting with President Donald Trump inside North Korea by Kim Jong Un. The sanctions and what led to them is also a topic to consider for your paper.
  1. Pick only a theme you are interested in
  2. Since you writing on North Korea, find an aspect that interests you personally. Do you have an interest in sociopolitical issues? Or do you prefer to talk about trade wars and nuclear weapons? Is your interest in landscape and tourism?

    Read your chosen theme thoroughly, and it will be easier to form an opinion to work with from it. The opinion will serve as the point of the essay. This is why you need to be clear about it from the start.

  3. Create a clear and concise argument
  4. The argument you choose should be something that is debatable. You can consider talking about the legality of the sanctions placed on the nation.

    When you have it, write your outline down. Divide it into sections and subsections where necessary. Head each section with your argument from different angles. Explain these headings briefly beneath them.

    Prepare a rough draft from the outline with bullet points. Those headings written earlier will become topic sentences whole the subsections become supporting sentences.

  5. Edit your work
  6. After writing your essay, be sure to edit it thoroughly to ensure that it has proper grammar and spelling. The writing style also needs to be engaging. At this point, you should make all the necessary rewrites and changes. You can get cheap writing help if you aren’t sure how to write the essay. A professional can give you ideas to work with.

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