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Compare and contrast dog and cat essay sample

Cats and dogs have been living with humans for ages. They both make good companions but are not the same in so many aspects. That’s why it’s advisable to conduct in-depth research to know more about a pet before buying one. Knowing their traits will help you decide whether having one in your home is a wise decision. 

So, the compare and contrast dog and cat essay is an eye-opener for wannabe pet owners. But to the writer or student, it’s basically to earn marks. Also, whether you are looking for how to write or need writing help to deliver a top-notch paper on the said topic, this post is for you. 

The similarities that exist between dogs and cats

  • Domestication
  • Pets like dogs and cats were domesticated by humans hundreds of years ago. They both can live with humans peacefully and offer several benefits besides being a companion. For instance, the cat is known for keeping rodents at bay. Dogs, on the other hand, when matured, can help to prevent intruders or protect the owner from attack. 

    It’s also possible to train dogs and cats. But it’s advisable to start teaching them from a tender age. Both animals can be trained to sit down, display different signs, or obey specific commands. 

  • Maintenance
  • Dogs and cats require regular care besides offering them balanced nutrition. The ones with fur need regular bathing to keep fleas at bay. Dogs and cats with coat also shed their hairs. So, the owner still needs to do some general cleaning, which covers the living area of the pet and the entire house.

The differences that exist between dogs and cats

  • Relationship with the owner
  • It’s hard to see cat owners walk down the road with their cats by their side. But the same cannot be said of dogs. Dogs enjoy playing with their owners and are super active during the day. They also sleep at night when their owner is at sleep, which makes them a wonderful companion. 

    But cats are the opposite. They can sleep all day long but become super active at night. They can live comfortably in the absence of their owner, provided there is feed to fill their stomachs. 

  • The emotional side
  • Dogs are more emotional than cats. Cats can live without worries for days in the absence of their owners. But dogs quickly show signs of boredom when they can’t find their owners after a while. 

    In a nutshell, both animals make great pets. But looking at their similarities and differences, it is evident that dogs tend to require more attention than cats. Hence, cats are more compatible with super busy individuals. But dogs need the company of their owners all the time. So they require much attention. 


The compare and contrast dog and cat essay can be different. You don’t have to follow the same structure as the one here to write your paper. Also, for students who have tight schedules, seeking cheap professional help wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can get a quality essay on dog and cat comparison delivered within the shortest possible time.

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