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A Definition Essay On Passion Sample

Passion essay is one that talks about passion. This type of essay can also in different forms. Based on the topic of the paper, the passion type of essay can be about the writer or general meaning of the term. For example, when writing a definition on passion essay, the aim is to define the word in a way that readers can understand. 

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Definition essay on passion

Passion is a strong emotion. It also differs from person to person. However, this emotion can be anything. It can be hatred, love, joy or anger. It doesn’t have to be happiness or love. For instance, some people’s passion is to hurt others. Passion can also drive people to make certain decisions in life. It can push one to do unimaginable things or make decisions that others do not support. 

Passion can also play a vital role in helping one to achieve greater things in life. It gives people that extra push to carry on with life even when the odds are not in their favor. It is because of the passion for becoming a celebrity and winning silverware that forces athletes to embark on challenging training for months. Otherwise, some may sign off halfway down the journey, given how strenuous their training can be.

It is that thing called passion that drives students to stay focused on their studies despite their heavy workload. It pushes one to set targets and work harder to achieve them. For instance, waking up from bed every morning to attend classes is somewhat tiring. But with love for education and desire to obtain a certain degree, including a good grade, most students hardly miss classes.

There are students in the basketball team and other clubs in school. They were never forced to join, but instead, followed their passion. Attending extracurricular activities is a bit challenging, given the workload students have on their hands. But when you are doing something that you are passionate about, you will always find time to attend no matter what.

My passion was to become a mechanical engineer, though my dad wanted something different. He wanted me to become a medical doctor, but I was too passionate about engineering to give up on my dreams. My passion also drove me to read and spend more time in the library. And today, that passion has led me to this great school to study a course I love with all my heart.


Your definition of passion essay can be in any form. It can also contain any information you think is relevant. But it has to be original to stand out. You can write about your passion. And try to express yourself in a way that will captivate your readers. You can also find writing help if you think you cannot provide a top-quality paper that will earn you a better mark. 

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